Download Instructions

First thing you will need to do, is Download, Install, and Patch, Ultima Online. You can download this here
While Ultima Online is downloading, you need to decide if you would like to use Razor, or UOS. Razor is a bit easier to use, but UOS has way more functionality. Once you decide which you want to use, download and install it. Razor can be downloaded here (and the person maintaining Razor recommends Classic UO which does not work with UOS) and UOS can be downloaded here but UOS also requires, Microsoft Visual ++ Redistributable and .Net Framework 4.8 Developer Pack

Yup. N1LL still sucks

Connecting to the Server

Once you have finished downloading and installing UO and Razor/UOS, you are ready to connect to any Ultima Online Private Shard. Run the application of your choice, change Server in Razor or Shard in UOS to and click ok.